Goop Glow 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

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What Else You Need to Know: A powerful blend of four clinically studied ingredients—15 percent glycolic acid, tropical fruit AHAs (mango, banana, and yellow mombin), Australian kakadu plum, and naturally moisturizing hyaluronic acid—works overnight so you wake up with fresh, soft, smooth, beautifully glowing skin.

Clinical Results: Based on a post-treatment, third-party consumer-perception study of 31 women ages 37 to 55; in an independent consumer study, after 1 use:
- 95% of participants said their skin looked and felt dramatically smoother
- 88% said their skin looked and felt significantly softer and healthier
- 80% said the product gave their skin a luminous glow

Based on a third-party clinical study conducted on 31 women ages 37 to 55; in a 2-week clinical study, women showed that the product helped:
- Improve skin radiance and skin exfoliation
- Maintain skin barrier function

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